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My Youth Is Yours

Jun. 21st, 2016 | 04:07 pm

title: My Youth is Yours
pairing: kris/baekhyun
rating: PG
length: 1.1k words
genre: fluff
A/N: Just a little drabble for KrisBaek. Inspired by Troye Sivan’s Youth


“Let’s run away.”

Yifan dropped his chopsticks, the ramyun cup almost slipping out of his hold, but remembering the packaging strongly advised to hold it on the crooked part of the cup because the contents are hot, he grabbed his sanity quickly to hold it tightly. “What?” He wasn’t sure if he heard Baekhyun correctly, yet it made his heart stop.

“I said, run away with me.” Baekhyun grinned, his rectangle smile apparent. “We can leave everything behind, go to a new city, meet new people. Interesting people—“

“Baek, people around here are interesting.” Yifan chuckled. “If Chanyeol heard you, he would have been wailing nonstop.” He blew on his noodles before taking a big slurp. The soup trickled down his chin but he didn’t care, ramyun was just too good.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes, moving closer to Yifan as he wiped the soup on Yifan’s chin. “Look at you devouring that ramyun. Such a kid.” He laid his head on his shoulder as he looked ahead, watching people move on a low-volumed TV. “I meant, new other people. It will be best for both of us, I promise.” Honestly, he has never even thought about this, and the more he’s trying to persuade Yifan, the more he’s being dissuaded himself. But Baekhyun doesn’t really care. He was used to being the “spontaneous and irresponsible kid”, maybe it’s time he really embodied it.

There was only a 2 year age gap between them but people around them think they are having a May-December affair. Baekhyun blames it mostly on Yifan’s tall, imposing and intimidating build, plus the fact that the man has a chronic resting bitch face but Yifan, on the other hand, blames it entirely on Baekhyun’s petite frame and baby face features. There was one time when Yifan was looking for a bowl on Baekhyun’s cupboard and he absentmindedly just put his glass on top of Baekhyun’s head, totally forgetting that Baekhyun was cooking in front of him. Baekhyun didn’t talk to him for the rest of the afternoon even until Yifan left to go home. Really the perfect example of the “opposites attract” quote.

“Are you crazy?” Yifan snorted until the soup he was currently slurping made his throat on fire. The idea might have scared him off if it was the pre-Baekhyun relationship Yifan, dashing immediately out the door without even bothering to put on his shoes but somehow hearing it directly from Baekhyun made the butterflies in his stomach flutter a little. Somehow, the idea wasn’t as crazy as Baekhyun had said it out loud. He was even a little excited, but he still feels the walls struggling to build again. “Baekhyun, this is such a huge step. Are we even ready for this?” He mentally kicks himself for sounding so unsure and unwilling.

Baekhyun groaned as he laid down and stretched out his legs, kicking the air. Yifan evaded his kicks, primarily protecting his ramyun rather than his own face. “I know and I think we are more than ready. We’ll definitely get an apartment, get new jobs, adopt a puppy even!” His face scrunched up as he murmured, “I’m your only pup so I think we should rule out the puppy.” He shook his head, the idea bulb so bright he feels his head ache. “No, Yifan. Let’s just run away and worry about everything later. Come on!! Are you seriously going to wait until we’re diaper-old and can’t even do stupid and irrational decisions like we can now?” Baekhyun sat up as he cupped both Yifan’s cheeks, leaning a little to rest his forehead on his and sighed contently. “My youth is yours, Yifan. Let’s run away. I just want you and me, out of this place, together.” He smiled lovingly, caressing Yifan’s cheeks.

“You’re 25 years old, Baekhyun. You’re not exactly youth anymore.” Yifan rolled his eyes.

Baekhyun reached behind him to throw a pillow hitting Yifan’s face directly. Yifan, with his super fast reflexes stretched out his hand to protect his ramyun from being hit by the pillow boulder. “Seriously?! You still care for that ramyun than what we’re talking about right now? Ugh!” He groaned. “Why are you so unromantic?”

Yifan laughed, his crinkling eyes and gummy smile out. There are only two things that can make this smile be seen on his face. One is when he knows everyone around him is happy and second is this, Baekhyun making him this happy unconsciously. He looked at him, how Baekhyun looked so excited sharing this idea to him but annoyed how he thinks he doesn’t care and thinks it’s outrageous, and he really feels a little guilty for even thinking of turning him down. The idea was actually brilliant and he mentally kicks himself that he hasn’t thought about it. Baekhyun was right, it was now or never. Their youth won’t just come a second time, and as he thinks more on this, he feels himself agree to this ridiculous thought.

Yifan set his ramyun on the table in front of his bed and gently pulled Baekhyun towards him. Baekhyun’s pout won’t seem to go away from his face and he was tempted to kiss it away. So he did.

He felt Baekhyun melt a little and smiled into the kiss. Baekhyun pulled away and murmured, “I still hate you for being unromantic but I will let this slip,” and closed the distance between them, eager to have his lips on him again.

Yifan is elated. That feeling of being back in his early 20s is so tempting, being here with Baekhyun now, right this moment, making stupid and irresponsible choices together from being intoxicated by the imagined reality. His 20s was made of grown up choices and mature decisions that he sometimes feels he’s a 36 year old man trapped in a 27 year old body. But as the more grown adult between them, he needs to consider a lot of things too; his job, his mom, their friends. Does he need to apply for a new job or a commute can easily solve this problem? His mom will worry though he knows he can let her in on the little secret, but what if she spills it to Baekhyun’s mom? He can’t just run head on and jump to…

Until it hit him.

“Didn’t you say there was an apartment for rent near the subway station?”

“Does this mean…?” Baekhyun trailed off, happiness evident on his face but tried to retain a straight face. Yifan wanted to laugh, seeing Baekhyun’s I-badly-need-to-go-to-the-toilet face, but decided he doesn’t need to be an asshole today.

“You said that you want to be with me, together; that your youth is mine. Well, I like that, very much. I love it even.” Yifan smiled as he enclosed Baekhyun in a tight yet gentle hug. “My youth is yours, too, Baek. We’ll run away, be with each other, and live together. Forever.”

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His Majesty VI: A Test of Power

Jun. 3rd, 2016 | 10:16 pm

Soft sighs, skin on skin and smiles on their faces, the Royal couple’s limbs gently wrestle with each other. Yifan sighs contently as his forehead touched Baekhyun’s and the latter mirrored the smile the other gave.

“I have missed this. Definitely, missed this.”

Baekhyun smiles despite the overwhelming warmth of Yifan’s breath on his nose and skims his fingers on Yifan’s disheveled hair. He missed this, too; touching his hair and just nestled in bed. He almost forgot how soft it felt under his fingertips, his breath warm and minty this early morning and the way his tall, thin but slightly muscular body seemed to fit above his, warmly molding them both into perfection. “But not me?”

Yifan chuckles. “Of course, there is no doubt that I missed you. I have been telling you, this bed has been smelling a lot like me than your scent and it makes me puke.” He runs his hand on Baekhyun’s face, seeming to outline its perfection and gently lines his lips with his thumb.

Baekhyun smiles despite Yifan’s thumb on his lip, playfully biting it before saying, “I’ve missed you, too, Yifan.”

Yifan gives a chaste kiss and moves to his side to bury his nose in Baekhyun’s neck and sighed. “I wish we’re given a little holiday from our duties. I will not deny that the past few days have made me a lot happier than I had ever been.” He wrapped his arm around Baekhyun’s waist and closed his eyes, deeply inhaling Baekhyun’s scent.

Baekhyun peeks at him and smiles gently. “Sleeping? Again?” He softly carresses Yifan’s soft lush locks and sighs before murmuring, “I wish so, too. I would be lying if I were to tell you that it has given me nothing but happiness. But we are the King and Queen, Yifan. We have important things to do than snuggle in bed and make love.”

Yifan groaned as he looked up at Baekhyun. “Please do not do that.” Yifan looked at Baekhyun seriously as he observed the other’s eyes. “Please do not say “make love” because when you do, all I can think about is just that. Making love. To you.”

“Yifan!” Baekhyun exclaimed softly, scandalized. He laughed as he proceeded to move out of bed, only to be stopped by Yifan’s hand in his wrist. “Yifan, come on. Move your lazy ass and let us start our day.”

Yifan chuckles as he grudgingly obliges, not daring to say no to his Queen. He missed this special moment that he is willing to just be his husband around Baekhyun. “Yes, my lovely Queen. I shall do thou request.”

“You have been a little festive these few days. Did anything out of the ordinary happen?” Junsu looked on pointedly, eyeing Baekhyun as the latter stole fleeting glances towards the King in the opposite end of the hall.

The entire castle could not be left oblivious by the way the Queen sent smiles to anyone he sees. Though it caused a little bit of rumor that the Queen found solace in someone else other than the King, it was hushed as to how the King himself seemed to be in the same condition.

It would have been a lie to tell that the servants, guards, the Ladies and Sehun themselves thought this was a good start.

“That is nonesense, Mother. I am still the same. Nothing has changed.” Baekhyun dismissed the topic as he stared at his mother. He looked at his brown orbs, seeking to find confirmation that his Mother bought his alibi. Yet, of course, no one can compare with a Mother’s instinct.

“You’re telling me that the longing and dare I say it, loving stares that you and Yifan had been giving are nothing?” Junsu chuckled as he sat down on a nearby bench. “My, my. I cannot believe you would think of me poorly.”

Baekhyun feigned shock as he sat beside Junsu, staring at his lap before breaking out into a smile. “It oddly feels discomforting, that is all. It is a bit bizarre that we are not fighting or even sleeping on different chambers. Frankly, it feels strange that everytime I wake up, I see his face and feel his warmth enclosed around me.” Baekhyun blushed as he looked away. “Look at me muttering nonesense.”

Junsu chuckled as he urged Baekhyun to lay his head on his shoulder. The years Baekhyun had stayed in his arms could be counted with one hand. “I can see the effect he has on you. I am glad, then, that I betrothed you to Yifan when you were no less than a baby. To be very honest, the entire castle could see the drastic change between you and Yifan. I’ve been hearing from everyone, especially your ladies that they are quite pleased with this change and wished for it to be neverending.”

It has only been roughly a week that has passed since there was a constant smile on Baekhyun’s face that no amount of gem or crystal could be exchanged for. The entire castle indeed missed seeing the Queen happy, and it was to their hearts’ desires that it was the King who was responsible for this rare and returned display of affection.

Baekhyun sighed loudly, wishing for the time to slow down. He feels caught up with the emotions threatening to break his front. “I hope the time would slow down a bit, let me adjust back on the race. It is a bit tiring and rather draining, especially with Kyungsoo’s guards just camping on every border.” He straightened up as he shook his head and looked at Junsu. “I am being completely rude. How have you been, Mother? Have you been well-cared in your stay here?”

“Oh, do not worry about me, darling. I can bark orders at my servants anytime.” Junsu laughed. “I was kidding.” He heaved a deep sigh. “I was only supposed to attend the feast, but things have been really tight back at home. Frankly, I am away for a while now and I would need to go back soon. Kyungsoo threatens your crown at Scotland and the men are losing their faith on you. There are several attempted coups by the Protestant Lords already and some have been successfully stopped. All our guards are completely dispatched on our borders for protection against sudden attacks from England and we need more. I didn’t want to tell you this, but I cannot hide anything from you.”

Baekhyun’s face hardened as he let go of Junsu’s hand. “My people are losing faith in me? How can this be? Don’t they know how terribly painful it is to try to save my marriage and stand against Kyungsoo?” His voice shook with anger, pain and sadness as his shoulders dropped. “I just wanted to be a good ruler. I know I am too young and inexperienced but they should at least give me a chance!” He heaved a sigh as his face showed distinct determination and courage. “Forgive me, Mother, for my sudden weakness. I shall do everything that I can to win their trust.”

Junsu looked at his son and felt remorse seeping in his being. I’m sorry. I need you to focus, Baekhyun. With Yifan possibly standing in your way, I have to do this.

“Every second is precious. Yifan, I’m telling you. You have to make Baekhyun get the English throne. You know your father would have wanted it anyway.” Jaejoong said as he moved from the window to the seat beside Yifan.

”What do you want me to do for you to stop pressuring Baekhyun?” Yifan sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, clearly tired of the topic that seemed to always get back as priority.

“In case you have forgotten, the day you married Baekhyun, his fate has already been sealed. He is expected to have an heir, claim the English throne and rule both France and Scotland problem-free. But your wife clearly neglected this. When Kyungsoo got a hold of the throne, do you think this budding war will stop? Please, Yifan.” Jaejoong scoffed. “He seems tranquil now but you will probably face his wrath a few days from now. He wants Scotland. And eventually, France.”

“Do not threaten me, Mother. The English on our borders are already enough of a threat to the entire country. I will talk to Baekhyun on this and let him decide. I will support him, whatever it is.” Yifan curtly supplied as the meeting room’s doors opened. Baekhyun strode in and Yifan could hardly believe his eyes when the sun illuminated every bit of Baekhyun.

Jaejoong noticed the way his son gawked at the Young Queen and shook his head while softly muttering, “this stupid boy. Your love will kill you someday.” Nevertheless, Jaejoong is still thankful for the Queen’s love for his son no matter how opposing he seems. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t completely like Baekhyun for Yifan. The only thing important is for his son to rule over France without distraction and if Baekhyun proves to be a nuisance, time can only tell what he can do.

Baekhyun sat next to Yifan, glancing a few seconds at him before completely ignoring the way he dreamily smiled at him. He focused on the task at hand and Yifan will have to wait until the day ends or until the meeting is adjourned. “What seems to be the problem?”

Yifan sat up straight as he felt stupid for trying to hold his Queen’s gaze when he is busy with politics. Baekhyun feels bad, but only until this day. He needs to have even a little bit of progress.

Sehun cleared his throat as he recounted every bit of news he gathered. “The English camping on our borders are still silent. It seems that they are waiting for a signal from the Queen. I would suggest to double our guards stationed in all corners so we might be truly ready anytime Kyungsoo attacks.”

“Well then, do what deems best, Sehun.” Jaejoong interfered.

“Also,” Sehun cleared his throat; his face seems full of worry as he looked at Baekhyun. “I received word from a General that came together with Junsu that it has all been Kyungsoo’s doing; distracting you by plotting English guards on French borders so he can focus the attack inside Scotland. I am not entirely certain if this news is true or plainly accusation but if it is, then Kyungsoo is far stronger than we have imagined.”

Baekhyun contemplated as he cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. “My Mother had warned me about this news. He seems to think that it is plausible from the English’ perspective. If the King fulfills, I would like soldiers to sail towards Scotland tonight, aside from the ones to be stationed in the French borders.”

Both Yifan and Jaejoong looked at Baekhyun, seeming to not get a hold of the Queen’s request. “Are you out of your mind? You want French soldiers to go to Scotland? For this?” Jaejoong incredulously asked.

“My people are what makes my country and I need them to trust in me. There are several attempted coups and if I don’t help in stopping them, my people will turn their backs on me,” Baekhyun leveled his voice and focused on Jaejoong, “and you will no longer have an ally. I still have a legitimate claim on the throne, despite Kyungsoo being Queen of England.” Baekhyun emphasized as his tone sterned.

“This is outrageous!” Jaejoong exclaimed. “You want France to be powerless? Do you not know that fifty countries are looking at us for every move that may pose as a sign of weakness?” Jaejoong fumed as he glared at the young Queen. “Do not take France with your dying country!”

The Young Queen’s face hardened a bit before speaking curtly. “I do not like the way you treat my country, Jaejoong.” Despite the tension between him and Jaejoong, he looks at Yifan unnerved. “I am requesting for aid for my country, Yifan. This is only temporary, I assure you no harm will come to our soldiers. I only need a few men, around a thousand, to ensure my people that I am still looking out for them.”

Yifan kept silent as he thought on the different possibilities should he grant Baekhyun’s request. The war could ensue any time the moment the soldiers are on their way to Scotland. It’s not because his soldiers are few, it’s the strength of those soldiers that will be gone if he does comply with Baekhyun’s request. There are also a lot at stake once these soldiers left the land, and he will no longer have their lives at hand. Though, if he does not grant this request, Baekhyun will completely slip out of his hold and the trust could never be regained. Scotland could lose to Protestants wanting to overthrow Baekhyun and if it happens, their alliance will shaken. France will weaken and trade and other businesses could become at risk. He cannot afford to lose both Baekhyun and Scotland.

Jaejoong looked perplexed at Yifan whose face seemed resolved on granting Baekhyun’s request. “Yifan, I am warning you. You seriously cannot be considering this!”

Baekhyun knows the gravity of his request yet he deigned to “take advantage” of the situation. This benefits all of them, albeit securing his crown on his own country. It had only been a few days since they both are on good terms and he didn’t want to take on this request but it is needed. He hopes Yifan will take on the right choice.

“I’m sorry, Baekhyun, but I cannot allow a thousand soldiers to leave the country. I could allow about a half and that is it.” Yifan looked straight in Baekhyun’s eyes, seeking forgiveness but the sadness in Yifan’s eyes could never be denied. He wanted to tell him that he wanted to, but the country will weaken in the eyes of Kyungsoo and all the other enemies abroad. “Baekhyun, our military resources are at their breaking point.”

Baekhyun lost his will to retaliate. Five hundred soldiers. Will it be enough to stop the coups? I don’t know. I..don’t know. Despite the overwhelming worry clawing in his head, he responds gratefully. “Thank you, Yifan. It would be a great help.”

Jaejoong walks hastily to his chambers, bearing the news in his mind and heart. If this continues, France could lose their military resources and this will create a definite dent in their country’s defense and political standing abroad. He sees Junsu making his way to his chambers.

“What a very nice surprise you have for France, Junsu.” Jaejoong cleared his throat. “Masking your motive by attending the feast but slowly turning on your wheels to rob us off a thousand soldiers?” Jaejoong scoffed. “Clever.”

“This accusation is uncustomary. I am merely doing my duties as his mother, Jaejoong. It’s not like Baekhyun is at Scotland, knowing every thing that is happening. You wouldn’t even understand, especially with you always at Yifan’s side on every whim.”

“Never accuse my son of anything. I am warning you, Junsu.” Jaejoong’s face hardened as he grit his teeth.

“I will accuse anyone who needs to be accused,” Junsu looked at him, mirroring the same serious and hardened expression, “so don’t you dare lay a hand on Baekhyun, and I will see to it that you will be forever locked up in the dungeons and won’t be allowed any contact with Yifan or even, Sehun.” Junsu spoke softly but with words of venom and stepped forward before he smiled. “Now, let’s not be hostile with each other.”


“Ah-uh.” Junsu smiled. “Let us not ruin this night. Good night, Jaejoong.” He turned his back as he continued making his way back to his chambers, leaving Jaejoong behind seething.

As soon as Junsu reached his chambers, he was shocked to see Baekhyun, sitting on his couch across the fireplace.

“Mother, I need you to go back to Scotland tonight together with 500 French soldiers and this will have to be enough. This military power display can testify that I, Queen Baekhyun, is still their Queen and that anyone who defies me, will merit severe punishments.”

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"I Love You, But You're Real"

Mar. 20th, 2016 | 02:51 am

title: I Love You, But You're Real
pairing: kris/baekhyun
rating: G
length: 2.4K words
warnings: emotional heartbreak and you might want to take a deep breath
summary: Based from a Tumblr/Facebook post: What if fictional characters thought of us too. “I love you but you’re real.”


Yifan has learned to always not mind the future because the future will automatically unfold at the right time. No matter how unfulfilling his life is now at the moment, the future will always be brighter and more satisfying than he ever will be. At least that’s what his parents told him. Each person in the world holds a specific destiny, specific fate that is only intertwined with another person. Soulmates, they tell us. But nobody prepared Yifan for the possible end.

And Yifan vehemently believes he already met his.

It happened twice, a few days ago inside a bookstore, when he was waiting patiently for someone to unravel his mysteries, his feelings kept deep inside that he met the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He was different, child-like features, small eyes, very cute nose and lips that look so delightful and Yifan clung to the idea of this boy, and kept it hidden in his heart.

Baekhyun, he heard his companion shout his name, looked straightly at him, eyes full of curiousity and wonder. He reached out to him, touched his face, and gave a small smile until his companion dragged him further away from him. He looked at him, smiling to his companion as if he didn’t see him and went out like nothing happened. Yifan felt so torn, his eyes happy but his heart full of longing, something he quite didn’t understand.

“It’s okay, maybe I’ll see him again tomorrow.” He told himself.

Except, he didn’t. And the next day. And the day after that.

Until a week after, Baekhyun visited the bookstore again. Yifan sat patiently again, watching the people around him, looking at him, curious gazes landing on him but no one dared to walk towards him. Was it because he looked boring? Intimidating? Lazy? He wondered why people wouldn’t want to go near him, was it his smell?

His bathtub of worries was soon filling up that he was sure he’d never be able to get away from this place when a familiar petite boy passed by his peripheral vision. Baekhyun! He was so jittery, his eyes automatically crinkling with happiness, his heart beating wildly. He knows Baekhyun is here for him.

And he was.

Baekhyun looked all around as if looking for something when he caught his eye. He looked so ecstatic yet relieved that he was still there after all these time. Baekhyun smiled widely as he walked towards Yifan, the former excited to get to know someone else again, and Yifan looking like his heart would jump out of its cage.

“Thank God you’re still here. I thought I’ve lost you.” Baekhyun sighed in relief as he held him, cradling him in his arms as if he’s a baby. He looked at Yifan once more and Yifan felt lightheaded, so lovestruck that finally, he saw him again and he’s holding him close.

Yifan knew he was his soulmate and that he would love him forever.

Yifan chuckled softly as he watched Baekhyun silently, the latter wiping away his tears, sniffing once in a while to keep his snot from falling. His eyes had been puffy and red from crying and he wonders if he was really that depressing. His mother told him he was quite an enjoyable and exciting lad, or so she says, so watching Baekhyun cry infront of him broke his heart. He wanted to hold him, and whisper stupid jokes just to see him smile but he couldn’t. He doesn’t know what the future holds but he knows it will be better and it should get better.

He worried that Baekhyun’s eyes will fall out due to crying so hard but he was glued to him, intent on knowing him better and secluding himself from everyone except him. Baekhyun and Yifan. It gave a little chill in his spine, a good one, as he thought of it but told himself to keep himself calm. He imagined the future with Baekhyun, the two of them without a care in the world. He knew he was racing against the future and his parents always warned him to always take one step at a time.  He intended to abide them, to wait patiently for it as he had once waited patiently for Baekhyun to come to him. His thoughts were broken as a distant shout jolted Baekhyun.

Baekhyun immediately wiped his tear-stained cheeks as he checked the mirror for signs of emotional distress but his eyes gave it away. He looked at Yifan once more, his face contorting with that of pain, anxiety, curiousity, happiness and excitement. He sighed as he walked away from Yifan.

Nobody told Yifan it would hurt this bad. Even Chanyeol, his best bud, never mentioned anything when he got together with Kyungsoo a few days before he met Baekhyun’s eyes at the bookstore. Chanyeol was at the middle of his relationship with Kyungsoo when Yifan experienced something he thought he would never feel. He told him he understood him completely and that he, himself, is dreading the end. His parents warned him that the end would not necessarily be up to what he wants and that sometimes, it usually involved selfless sacrifices but he never listened. Now, all he wants is to change. All he wants is to be with Kyungsoo until the end.

Yifan’s heart clenched with sadness upon seeing the way Chanyeol wept in front of him. It reminded him too much of Baekhyun’s puffy eyes and it broke his heart, knowing he can never do anything to comfort him.

Suddenly, Yifan wants Baekhyun to stop moving forward. He dreaded the day Baekhyun will finally move on and leave him alone just like the others. His chest constricts knowing that the end will never be like what he imagined, a life never after. Chanyeol’s predicament rings strongly in his head, and he wants to throw up from all the pent up emotions he tells himself he isn’t feeling.

As Baekhyun returned, Yifan watched him eagerly, memorizing every curve, every strand of hair, hiding it securely in his head. He watched him as he took a seat in front of him, reached out towards him again and held him lovingly. Yifan never felt so loved in his life and the future haunted him beyond anything else.

“Everything will be okay, son.” He hears his mom tell him.

And he holds on to that.

It was crazy to think that Baekhyun and Kyungsoo were friends and that Yifan and Chanyeol both discovered only when they find themselves sitting in front of the other one sunny day. Baekhyun took Yifan out to the cafe near the bookstore where they met and he shamelessly wondered if it was a date.

He wondered if he should tell him, that he has been having these emotions he never thought he’d feel and that it was all Baekhyun; if he should at least let him grab themselves some coffee before confessing or if Baekhyun would feel the same way. He wondered if it was the right thing to do where they were both vulnerable in public. He wanted to say everything, but he was so frightened he feels his throat closing up.

Baekhyun looked quite impatient that day, scrunching his nose and eyebrows furrowing as he drummed his fingers on the table. Yifan wanted to ask why they were outside but stopped himself when he saw Baekhyun’s face immediately lightened up. He looked on to see a guy, smaller than Baekhyun, with eyes wide and searching and the plumpiest heart-shaped lips he has ever seen waved at them. A guy taller than him and lankier walked behind him and waved towards Yifan. Yifan’s brows furrowed, seemingly confused at the sudden guests.

“I’m so sorry, Baek. Traffic was a serious asshole.” He heard the wide-eyed heart-shaped lips guy tell them as he took a seat in front of them. The tall guy slid quietly beside him.

“It’s okay, Soo. I’m just really glad you have time. I need to talk to you.” Baekhyun’s voice came out above as a whisper. “You can go buy a drink first, I’ll follow after.” Kyungsoo nodded as he stood up before telling Baekhyun he could order for him. “Ah, a Cappucino, I guess.” Baekhyun trailed off, remembering that Yifan loved Cappucino. It left a smile on his face.

Yifan however didn’t even mind Baekhyun smiling like an idiot and focused all his attention towards the tall guy sitting quietly while ogling at the perky butt of the wide-eyed heart-shaped lips guy  at the counter. “Chanyeol? What the fuck? What are you doing here?!” Yifan hissed, completely annoyed that the romantic date he imagined in his head was technically somewhat like a double date.

“Dude, I’m just as surprised as you are. Hell, they were even friends?!” Chanyeol snorted before his face deadpanned. “But we aren’t even on the same section when they met us?” Chanyeol equally whispered, scratching his head in the process.

“Well, at least you can help me.” Yifan sighed dejectedly, watching Baekhyun grin toothily at Kyungsoo who was mouthing “the barista is so cute!”.

“No way, bro.” Chanyeol shook his head. “I know what you’re up to and I’m in the same shit as you are. You can’t do it. You’re going to defy the rules.” He looked at Yifan straight, wondering for himself if it really defies the rules. “Look, Yifan. Remember what your parents told you? The future will unfold for us and it will be better, alright? Just be a little patient.” He tapped his shoulder to comfort Yifan who was busy looking at the street.

Yifan wondered if the people walking briskly outside even had the same predicament as them. Ha! Of course not. His thoughts were then only broken when Kyungsoo slid infront of them, sipping his iced Americano, looking at Baekhyun with his wide-eyes as he pushed the Cappucino infront of him.

“So what’s up?” Kyungsoo started when he felt Baekhyun was skeptical to open his mouth. He knew something was up and he already had an inkling to what it might be. There’s a thing called texting.

“Nothing. Just…” Baekhyun trailed off. He didn’t know whether it was wise to say this to Kyungsoo, of all people. Jongdae was a nice kid, same as Kyungsoo but he was more of an asshole than Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo was a silent killer. Where Jongdae is vocal, Kyungsoo kills with his glare. So the reason why he texted Kyungsoo is still beyond his well-functioning brain. Or at least that’s what he hopes; his brain still functioning well.

“Baekhyun, if this is about Yifan…”

Yifan’s ears perked upon hearing his name from the two’s conversation. Baekhyun hushed him to avoid anyone else intruding in their conversation but Kyungsoo just shrugged it off. “No one knows him, Baek. Stop worrying about it.” He said as he placed his drink on the table.

“But it’s not normal!” Baekhyun cried out, tears threatening to pour out.

“Holy shit! Don’t cry!” Kyungsoo panicked. He had never seen Baekhyun this vulnerable as the latter was always the life of the party, noisy and just a bundle of joy. Seeing him this frail made him realize that it wasn’t just a silly thing to cry over. “I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to push the subject away.”

Yifan wondered if they were both speaking in another language or he has just been really pushed out of the loop. He doesn’t understand. He looked at Baekhyun, the same expression on his face when he saw him crying the other day.

“Kyungsoo, what is wrong with me?” Baekhyun whispered as he calmed himself. He almost forgot they were in a public place and not from the comforts of his home. “I’m not supposed to feel this way. I know I’m wrong but why does it feel so right?” He whispered as he looked down at the cappucino in front of him; the heart-shaped cinnamon sprinkle mocking him. “Did you feel this way with Chanyeol?”

Kyungsoo stopped. He knew this would bounce back at him and he contemplated whether to say yes or just plainly say no just so the focus won’t be at him. But as he looked at Baekhyun’s sad eyes, he found himself saying “yes.”

“How did you get over it?” Baekhyun looked at him filled with hope and Yifan pained at the idea of Baekhyun moving on from him. He wanted to be selfish and keep Baekhyun distracted from the idea but his efforts will always be futile.

“I didn’t. I just…” Kyungsoo watched Baekhyun look at him eagerly, his heart breaking seeing his friend undergo the same thing that happened to him. He briefly wondered if everyone felt this certain moment in their own lives. “I pretended nothing happened and just went on with it. Again and again.”

Yifan looked at Chanyeol as the latter fought to hide his smile. Chanyeol never mentioned anything about this and Yifan felt entirely torn. He was happy for him because Kyungsoo never entertained the idea of moving on but he felt so lonely that he was probably the only person experiencing it.

“If I do that, will it be okay?” Baekhyun whispered and Kyungsoo looked reluctant.

“It could.” Kyungsoo said, tight-lipped. He doesn’t want to lead Baekhyun on yet he doesn’t even want to completely destroy the idea. It could lead a different outcome or it could be entirely like his. “You know what? Just..follow your heart. Do whatever makes you happy.” He cringed as he let out those words. Cheesy Kyungsoo should never be allowed to escape.

“I just…love him. So much.” Baekhyun choked as he heaved a deep breath.

Yifan’s eyes widened, completely shocked at the sudden confession. He gulped as he saw Baekhyun wasn’t joking and that he looked so pained upon this fact. His heart beat erratically, palms getting sweaty as he tried to fight the grin clawing on his face.

Chanyeol’s jaw dropped and his eyes rounded, looking from Yifan to Baekhyun then back to Yifan again. “Dude?! OH MY GOD!” Chanyeol shouted as he shook Yifan’s shoulders from across the table, the other zoning out with a smile on his face. “What the actual fuck. Yifan, oh my God. He loves you!” Chanyeol kept shaking him, but the smile on Yifan’s face slowly disappeared. Chanyeol noticed as he stopped shaking him, watching how fast Yifan became depressed at an alarming rate. “Yifan, you ok?”

Yifan was so happy Baekhyun felt the same way. He was conjuring up different scenarios of his life everyday with him, strolling on the park while holding him, eating ice cream on a cold night with him, spending weekend afternoons together, binge-watching American TV series and many other things he knows he’s not capable of doing.

Yifan looked at Baekhyun sadly and whispered, “I love you, too, but you’re real.”


A/N: Special thanks to baekmebacon for helping me proofread HAHA. Also, I saw this on Facebook with Thomas Brodie-Sangter's face on it (lol) and I just thought of my royal OTP. Maybe because I want to hurt myself lol

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His Majesty V: A Pleasant Surprise

Mar. 4th, 2016 | 07:13 pm

Nobles from all over the country started to arrive, all bringing in smiles and hope and abandoning the feeling of fear and uncertainty. Lady Jongdae and Lady Zitao had been busy attending to the guests whereas the King and Queen of France graciously awaits the loyal nobles in the banquet hall.

Baekhyun looked around the hall and smiled to himself, noting how his ladies outdid themselves with the feast. He looked at each and everyone only to see the smiles on their faces and laughter and merriment surrounding the entire hall.

Yifan looked at his left, seeing Baekhyun smiling down at their subjects. He felt a ray of sunshine in his heart that exploded into tiny remnants of rainbow glitters when Baekhyun looked at his way.

“My ladies did quite good for tonight’s feast. I wish I had given a little bit of help in preparing for this.” Baekhyun said, voice thick with pride and joy. Yifan nodded in agreement, refusing to speak seeing as Baekhyun quickly replaced his friendly demeanour towards their current status.

Yifan looks back to his subjects while sipping his wine thinking of his little surprise. ‘You might not forgive me now, but I assure you, I will not stop asking for your forgiveness even if it costs me my life.’

“Have you seen Lady Lu Han?” Jongdae had asked a servant in which the latter replied he had not. “My, this is the fourth person I have asked for that man’s whereabouts! Where is Lu Han?!” Jongdae stomped his feet. Zitao looked everywhere but Jongdae, evading his stare and probable questions to be thrown at him. He does not want to get on his bad side knowing that this is still a long night.

At that exact moment, Sehun walked in and made his way towards them who were tensely looking for their friend. “The feast is a success, so far, but you seem distressed, milady. What seems to be the problem?”

“Lu Han had disappeared as soon as the feast had started. We were walking towards the door to welcome our guests but when I turned, he just..” Jongdae trailed off, “..vanished.”

Zitao let out a soft giggle as the two looked at him. “What? Jongdae, you do know Lu Han could not possibly just vanish, right?”

Sehun pursed his lips as he folded both his arms in his front eyebrows furrowed into deep thinking, “I don’t know. He really seems nowhere to be found. I had been scouting the entire hall to ensure maximum security but I haven’t seen him, too. Where is he? How long has it been since he went missing? Why didn’t he advise you? Where could he possibly be?!”

“Sehun, calm down. We will find him. Do not fret, please. You are making me worried as well.”

Sehun heaved a sigh as he nodded. “That seems better. I will help you look for him.”

“Oh, please do! That man.. When I see him, I will feed him to the royal horses!”

Yifan looks to his side and whispers to a nearby guard, “Where is Sehun?”. Yifan rolls his eyes and shakes his head as he looked forward, ignoring the subtle way Baekhyun side eyes him as if to ask what seems to be the problem. He deems it appropriate to not talk to him as of the moment to better give his surprise later on in the night.

Baekhyun breaks his silence, however, and decides to humor the King. “Is everything alright, my King?”

Yifan chokes on his wine, and his throat seemed to close up. My King? He could not remember when was the last time he felt this cold shoulder from the Queen, yet did not even want to dwell on it. Instead, he smiles at him and nods his head. Baekhyun, on the other hand, felt rather uneasy with how Yifan smiled at him. He remembers how his smile could radiate the entire room. He almost, almost, got himself fooled and change his mind.

Sehun walks calmly towards the King, but his eyes tells otherwise. Coming closer to Yifan, he could sense the disappointment from the King. He was needed there, as the King’s brother and his confidant yet he was attending to his personal matters. He feels upset and useless and he was ready to acknowledge the lack of responsibility until one of the Nobles came close. He felt himself stop. I guess I will just talk to him after the feast. He steps back as he turned around only to bump into Lu Han, who seemed genuinely shocked by the sudden push.

“Lady Lu Han.” Sehun regained his composure. “Lady Jongdae and Lady Zitao has been looking for you since a while back. Where have you been? You got me worried.” He stops right after to think back on his sentence. He should not have said that. I should not have said that.

“Oh, I was a bit preoccupied with my dress and asked a few servants to help me with it.”

“Well, at least tell someone of your whereabouts!” Indignantly, he excuses himself leaving Lu Han with curiosity bubbling in the pit of his stomach. He shrugs it off as he tries to find the other ladies but numerous Nobles tower the entire hall. As soon as Jongdae sees him, he marched up not quite subtly with his face contorting with that of anger and relief.

“Where were you?” Jongdae raised his brow as he folded both his arms in his front. “We were worried. No, I am mistaken. I knew you were somewhere here but Sehun was beyond repair over worrying about you! Tell me, Lu Han. Is there something going on between the two of you?”

Lu Han widened his eyes as his cheeks reddened. Regaining his composure, he cleared his throat. “How could you accuse me of something so ill-mannered? I would have been able to accept that remark if it was thrown onto Zitao.”

“I am deeply sorry. I know there is nothing going on with you and Sehun. I just assumed since he had been looking for you all over the place and he seemed quite restless when we all couldn’t find you.” Jongdae reached out to hold Lu Han’s hand as he squeezed a little tighter.

Lu Han felt his chest tighten and held Jongdae’s hand on top of his own. The thought of Sehun worrying about him sent him tiny tingles of joy and guilt. He loves Sehun but they could never be together. He is a Lady of the Court, though a man of position like him should be loyal to the French Court, his loyalty is still to his Queen, the mother of Scotland. He could never betray Baekhyun’s trust.

“Please do not tell me you are thinking that being with Sehun will ruin your reputation and Baekhyun’s trust in you.” Jongdae mused as he looked keenly at Lu Han’s reactions in which the latter softly gasps. “I assure you, you need not worry. Besides, he has already given you his blessing. Remember?”

Lu Han looks at their hands and wishes it was all that easy. He was not even sure Sehun feels the same way. Sehun is next in line for the French throne, suppose Yifan and Baekhyun could not fulfill their duty to their countries. God forbid Baekhyun could not deliver. It will shame him. I still hope for the best. “It is not as simple as that. I am not certain that he feels the same way for me.”

Jongdae looks at his friend and felt the need to step up once more. He did it to Baekhyun and he will now do it to Lu Han. He just needs to find Sehun.

All night, there has been one single thought that lingers in Baekhyun’s mind and he hates how it ruins his thought process. He could not even think of a single reason on why he would do such a thing, yet he could not help but be overjoyed with this surprise. He kept on looking at Yifan, and his suit, and debates on himself whether to ask how could it be possible. Yet, the most stubborn one wins and makes him shut his mouth.

The sound of the royal horn makes Baekhyun glance up from talking to Lord Seunghyun and he looks at Yifan who had a noticeable grin on his face. He sees how Yifan walks towards Baekhyun, completely disregarding the questionable gaze Baekhyun throws at him and instead, excuses both himself and the Queen to attend to the sudden Royal guest.

The door opens wide as a familiar man walks in, elegance and grace following his strides. Guards on his back, he walks forward as the crowd in the middle parts to give way for the royal.

“Junsu.” Jaejoong walks toward the Royal couple who was welcoming their surprise guest for the evening. “You sure know how to make an entrance, don’t you, darling?”

Junsu smiles as he bows to the Mother Queen and Yifan and proceeds to hug Baekhyun. “Oh, I have terribly missed you, my dear. How have you been? France seems to have taken good care of you.” He turns to Jaejoong and gently smiles. “For that, I am thankful. You have honoured our alliance.”

“Oh, dear. We are now united. We need to be strong to set a noticeable calm and steady front against our enemies. There is no need to be thankful.” Jaejoong smiles.

By the sudden silence filling the air, Yifan instructed the musicians to start playing again. Once the mother and son have completely said their greetings, Baekhyun turned to Yifan and looked at him, not knowing whether to smile and acknowledge the kind gesture or simply shrug it off as common courtesy. He does the former and quickly turned back to talk to his mother again, avoiding how Yifan would react.

Yifan, however, felt his heart tug at the smile Baekhyun threw his way. He may not have the chance to talk to him while the feast is still going but he will try afterwards. No one else can steal this joyous occasion from him. Not the English-French war nor Jaejoong and Junsu’s disagreements. And Yifan believes this is the start of a new journey that he and Baekhyun will take.

Late into the night, Baekhyun still entertains the Nobles when Jaejoong slipped past him and pulled Yifan towards the side. “I assume this is how you would win his heart once again.”

Yifan looks at Baekhyun, the same way he has been looking all these months and turns towards his mother. “Yes. I am not certain this would bring back our marriage but it is a huge step. Though, I am quite perplexed Junsu still thinks the same of me, even after I have been the sole reason why Baekhyun lost our child.”

“You do not have any fault in this, my son. You are simply doing your duty to France. It is not your fault Baekhyun could not deliver the expectations for a Queen.” Jaejoong sharply looks at Yifan.

Yifan looks back and scowls at his own mother. He finds it hard that this man will treat the love of his life and the future mother of his country as irresponsible and ill-fitting for him. “Mother, I have had enough of this. Not another word of this nonesense. You need to trust Baekhyun completely because I do and I love him.”

“Dear son,”

“End of discussion.” Yifan watches as his mother gasped in shock. He felt he crossed a line in which he can never get back but this needs to be settled.

Jaejoong, fully recovered from the sudden outburst, smiles and holds Yifan’s face. “You, my son, have grown up to be just like your father. You’re not the little boy I used to pacify. You’re strong, full of wit and sense, just and independent. I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you, Mother.” Yifan, though taken aback by his Mother’s sudden praise, smiled at Jaejoong before excusing himself.

“Let’s just hope for the best that Baekhyun does forgive you and give us all what we want: an heir.” Jaejoong muttered under his breath.

As the feast comes close to an end, Lu Han had been busy sneaking glances over Sehun’s area, trying to seek his eyes. Unfortunately, Sehun seemed to be occupied talking and laughing to a certain young man whose face looks like that of an ethereal beauty.

Zitao looks at Lu Han and sees him glaring at the said man and coughed to get the latter’s attention. Lu Han seemed dazed but eventually gained his composure and gave Zitao a scowl. “Stop glaring at that young man, Lu Han. You will scare the poor Noble.”

“Zitao, would you happen to know who that man Sehun is talking to? He seems to be quite a charm.” Lu Han gritted his teeth as he looked sharply at the dashing man. He feels threatened by how he is oddly close with Sehun and he thinks he is keeping something that could endanger his life.

“That is Lady Jongin, the daughter of Lord Heechul. He attended tonight’s feast on behalf of Lord Heechul as he is disposed as of the moment. He is Lord Heechul’s most favored child as he excels in dancing and relations with other Nobles. He seems nice, don’t you think so?” Zitao mused and got another glass of wine from a servant currently roaming around the entire hall. “He also looks really good, with that prominent jaw line and his lips!”

“Oh shut it, Zitao. You are not here to eye other men. Where is your loyalty? And he does not look good. I am suspicious of him. Look at his dress! He does not suit that color! I better warn Sehun.”

“You are going to give Sehun a warning just because the color does not suit the man he is talking to?” Zitao looked dumbfounded. “You are something, my dear friend. Besides, you only speak ill of him and his dress because you know that purple is your color.”

“Shush. I am going to warn him.”

Full of determination, Lu Han leaves Zitao as he strides towards Sehun, the latter not knowing what the other has planned. As soon as Lu Han was a meter away from Sehun, he could not believe his eyes when Jongin leaned towards Sehun and whispered something in his ear, resulting to a laughing Sehun. Growing a bit angry over witnessing this kind of interaction, he walked closer and cleared his throat. Sehun looked shocked and unable to speak whereas Jongin smiled at Lu Han and introduced himself. “I believe you are Lady Lu Han, one of the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting. Am I correct?”

He looks too good to be true. How is he a human? Chiseled jaw, fine plump lips and mesmerising eyes. His voice is so good to hear, too. Sehun would definitely like this man. Lu Han thought how he could ever compare to someone so beautiful and graceful. He looks at Sehun, the way his eyes seem to dance nervously, his hands clutching tight at the sheath of his sword, his stance completely rigid and he thinks back on how utterly wrong it was to invade a personal conversation, especially with someone he does not even know.

It had been a few seconds of silence on Lu Han’s end but he cleared his throat and said, “Yes. Yes, you are correct. But, please call me Lu Han. And you must be Lady Jongin, the daughter of Lord Heechul. I have heard so many things about you.”

Sehun looks back and forth between the two, seeming to get caught in the middle of two boats. He sees how Lu Han smiles but his eyes seem to be sad, and looks at Jongin’s crinkling ones. He knew at that moment who he really wants to be with. “Jongin, here, has been telling me how Lord Heechul would always tell him to harness his dancing for hours that he sometimes sneaked out when he’s not looking!” Sehun shared as Jongin tried hard not to laugh. Instead, he kept his hand on Sehun’s forearm, slightly caressing before dropping his hand.

The action did not go unnoticed as Lu Han felt an intruder at the two’s conversation. He laughed a little before saying, “You must be a very good dancer. However, I apologize but I might have to excuse myself. I believe the Queen is looking for me.”

“Oh, that is alright. We could write! I could use some writing. I will let Sehun know everything and he could relay my address to you. It is such a shame we would have to curtail this conversation. But it was very lovely to meet you, Lady Lu Han.’

“Likewise, Lady Jongin.” Lu Han smiled and walked away before fleeting a glance at Sehun who seemed rather troubled. From behind, he could hear Jongin saying that he was nice and very pretty, and that his name suited him. He could not hear anything, nor care about anything else. Tonight has simply ended what has not been started.

Or so he thinks.

Yifan says his final words, thanking the entire hall for coming despite country conflicts and Noble differences. He seemed rather invigorated, vibrant and full of youth and it made the Nobles wonder that something good must have happened. He assured everyone that anything else left unsettled will continue to be in progress the next day and the Nobles take it to heart. Having a happy King must mean something good is about to happen to France and the citizens could no longer wait. He makes a move to officially end the feast but Baekhyun softly calls him from behind, eventually asking everyone for their undivided attention.

“I am very thankful and grateful for each and every one of you for setting aside differences and taking the time to leave it behind for a few hours.” Baekhyun cleared his throat. “I do hope you all had enjoyed the night and make it back home safely. I wish for you all a safe journey, my countrymen.” He smiles at his constituents and he would not lie as he sees his men returning back his smile. Though the news of having a miscarriage has not been let out outside the castle, he feels rather inadequate for not being able to properly perform his duties and he feels he has betrayed his people. Having them return his smile was a big step and he assures himself that he will do everything to protect them.

As the Nobles take their leave, Baekhyun excuses himself and calls out to his ladies to help him get to his chambers. He needs to get away, back in the comforts of his chamber. He felt a bit drained from having to take up a strong front and knowing he will still have to take on tomorrow and then the day after next and so on and so forth.

Yifan cleared his throat and asked to be alone with Baekhyun but Baekhyun seemed intent on retiring to his chambers and so, he let the man go.


As the ladies all go inside Baekhyun’s chamber and securely closed the door, Baekhyun seemed to dress out of his royal duty and flopped ungracefully at his bed.

“That bad?” Jongdae asked.

“Yes. Oh, the pain of seeing everyone in an enclosed room thinking that they could have possibly known about the.. the miscarriage.”

“Baekhyun, you do know it has been months, right? The Nobles have no idea and you should let it that way.”

A knock on the door disrupted the conversation as Zitao went to get it. Everybody else could hear Yifan’s voice asking to see Baekhyun. As Zitao let him in, the remaining ladies all went out telling the Queen to ask for them as soon as they are finished. Baekhyun, however, said otherwise and ordered for them to all take a rest.

As soon as they were alone, Yifan heaved a sigh. He feels nervous, albeit this isn’t the first time they were with no one else. He looks at Baekhyun, sitting in his bed and staring at him. A look he is not sure on where it banks.

“It is a bit late, My King. What seems to be the problem?” He asks gently.

“I wanted to check up on you. You seemed rather pale when you left the hall.”

Baekhyun gently smiles, though he throws it some place else but not his face. “Just a bit tired, though I am fine. Thank you for your concern.” Before he could dispose Yifan off his chambers, he remembered how a thought had been implanted from the very moment his eyes landed on Yifan. “Yifan.” He started. “I am very certain that you are terribly hateful of the color emerald green.”

Yifan looks down and takes in his clothes. “Ah, yes. You are right. But it worked out fine, isn’t it?” As Baekhyun looks down at his emerald green dress, he wonders if it could possibly be fate or just outright coincidence that he fails to notice Yifan standing right before him.

Crouching down, Yifan made a bold attempt of holding Baekhyun’s hands in his own, startling the latter. “Baek, I know I have done a lot of things that needs your forgiveness. I am not asking for you to forgive me right away, but is their any chance that you could at least find it in your heart to do so? I just really want us to go back to how we were. I miss you.” He sighed as his head bowed down and held both their hands on his forehead. “Do you know how hard it is to wake up without your warmth on the side of my bed? I don’t care whatever it is that has happened, I just want you back. Not as France’ Queen but as my wife.”

Baekhyun teared as he looked at Yifan and all walls built crumbled around him as he reached out to hug him. “I know this is not how we should behave, that we have to adhere to certain rules and etiquette but do you truly forgive me? Do you forgive me for losing our child? I want you to forgive me not because I am your Queen and your wife, but because you really did find it in your heart to do so.” Baekhyun openly cried as he tried to stop unleashing this weakness infront of his man. “You know I am deeply ashamed of this. I just wish it didn’t happen. Losing our child makes you look weak in the eyes of Kyungsoo and our enemies abroad. Losing him meant the alliance is threatened.”

Yifan enclosed Baekhyun in a tight embrace, and breathed in his scent that smells oddly like roses and pinewood. “I will stand by your side and I will honor the alliance.  You will only be the man that I will consent to be married to and I will love you until the day I breathe my last. Why must you doubt my words?” He heaved a deep breath as he released his hold and looked in his eyes. “I have made huge mistakes that you have constantly forgiven me and I know it is only right that I forgive you. Yes, it still hurt, but did we not come out of it stronger than we were before?”

“Yes, but—”

Yifan tucked a stray hair behind Baekhyun’s ear. “Do you know what my heart is telling me? It tells me that I should forget about politics and just be with you. No matter what.” He sighed. “You are a very beautiful queen. A queen that any king would kill anyone just to have you.”

Baekhyun shut his eyes and wanted his ears to do the same too before breathing in, “But your head says differently. I understand.” He makes a move to let go from his embrace but Yifan tightens his hold on him. Unbeknown to Baekhyun, Yifan hides a smile.

“No. For once, my head is perfectly thinking straight and I will never ever let you go. Again. I will never be that foolish man who follows what my mother dictates. I will do everything that I can so I can attend to you properly. I will be the King you would be proud of. I will be the husband that you wished for. I want you to know how very lucky I am that you are my wife, my Queen and the mother of my future children.”

No words could ever describe how happy Baekhyun felt at that exact moment that giggles could be heard from the door and he instantly knew to whom those belong to. He walks towards the door and opens it, quite un-Queenlike. “I knew you were all eavesdropping.”

“Goodness! I am terribly sorry! I tried to keep these two away from the door so you could have some privacy with Yifan but these two are just too stubborn to follow me. I deeply apologize—” Lady Lu Han apologized as he bowed down, aiming to avoid His Majesty’s eyes.

Baekhyun laughed and as Lu Han straightened his back, tears had stained Baekhyun’s cheeks but his eyes twinkled with what we can only describe as pure happiness. “No need to apologise Lu Han. And you two, Zitao, Jongdae, yes, to everything that’s running on your mind right now.” Baekhyun smiled as he looked back to Yifan who was approaching the door with a smile on his face.

“Don’t let them go just yet, Baek. I still have to say my thanks to Lady Jongdae who seemed to never tire talking to me.” He smiled as he faced Jongdae. “Thank you. I will forever treasure the words of wisdom you had ingrained in my stubborn head.”

Jongdae, although a little bit shocked of what had just happened, recalled the incidents of the day. “Baekhyun’s Mother came from Scotland, the Nobles seemed to be happy as they left the hall, and you two patched things up. How great could this day be? Oh, I am so happy for both of you! And Yifan, I hope you learned from this cold war between the two of you. I couldn’t even believe that you had been able to survive being away for each other for months!”

“That’s exactly the main reason why I thank you, Jongdae. For constantly being the support we needed.” Yifan smiled.

“Don’t worry about it. So, shall we take your belongings back to Yifan’s quarters?” Jongdae excitedly asked.

“I think we’ll move it tomorrow. We are all tired and you, my ladies, did quite well for tonight’s feast. I almost forgot. Thank you for preparing this well. I owe it to the three of you. Now you must all go back to your chambers and retire for the night.”

“Yes, you have disturbed our quiet little evening.” Yifan humored the ladies to which they felt completely embarrassed to have been told off. “Oh, I was only kidding. Come on, you’ve all had a long day.”

The ladies agreed that it was indeed a long day and so they bid good night to the Royal couple and left them alone, once again, in Baekhyun’s quarters. As soon as they were  surely left alone, Yifan embraced Baekhyun once more. “I missed this so much. Won’t you be moving back to our quarters? It smells like me more than you and I missed you.”

Baekhyun laughs as he broke free from his hug. “I cannot believe that everything is already in place. It only seems like yesterday. And I can’t believe you would invite my mother. That was so caring and sweet of you.” He smiled as he caressed Yifan’s face.

“Well, about that. It was actually the perfect timing as I was only aware of his arrival this afternoon.”

“Hmm, whatever the case is, I am glad two of my most special people in the world are here. Thank you, still.” He smiled and gave Yifan a fleeting kiss on the lips which Yifan was left wanting more. “Good night, Yifan. Rest well.” He said as he gave one last kiss and gently pushed him out of the room. “We’ll see each other tomorrow.”

“Good night, my lovely Queen. Rest well.”

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His Majesty IV: An Inkling of Hope

Nov. 9th, 2015 | 01:49 pm

Yifan walks out of Baekhyun’s chamber, heart filled with brick-weight sadness and pain. He thinks he has lost himself another chance to correct his mistakes. He felt prolonging the matter and avoiding him would let himself get healed, his emotions intact. Yet the absence made it even worse. He no longer felt the will to live.

Baekhyun was his only purpose to live. His mother would drill in his mind the importance of ruling their country and he kept it safely hidden in his conscious mind. When Baekhyun arrived in the Court, his priorities dwindled and even became unstable when he was about to have a child. No amount of material wealth could measure how much Yifan felt at that time.

No matter how happy and reliable he seemed, problems at court kept on and he had no choice but do his duties as the ruler of France. He often neglected Baekhyun and the latter often times skipped out the matters of the Court to rest his profound morning sickness. When their first child died unborn, the situation worsened and he felt himself detach farther from Baekhyun. The latter blamed himself and made walls to protect himself from feelings Yifan might bring, eventually pushing away even his attending servants.

As he rounded up the corner, he sees Sehun busy talking to a guard, making wild gestures and looking rather anxious. “Sehun?”

Sehun looks away from the guard to catch the King’s questioning gaze and dismissed the guard quickly. “Your Grace.”

“No need for formalities. Why do you seem so distressed? Is there anything the matter?” Yifan pointedly looked at his brother who looked away as if to hide his distraught.

Contemplating on the gravity of the message, Sehun looked ashamed to be the bearer of such shocking, bad news. “Yifan, I bear shocking news. Junsu is on his way to attend tonight’s feast. He is near our coast, as warned by guards patrolling the perimeter. He made sure to let you know and he’s quite expecting for you to show him a royal homage, as he ‘subtly’ emphasized in this request.” He made a face. “Yifan, this matter speaks of urgent and utmost attention of His Highness.”

Yifan huffed. “After all the troubles he caused, he’s expecting this kind of welcome from me.” He shook his head as he smirked. “Well then, as soon as he arrives let him be announced. I think this will also be a good chance to win over Baekhyun’s heart.”

“Right away, my King.”

Sehun moved to instruct the guards but Yifan started, “Brother, how are you and Lady Lu Han?”

Sehun reddened as he stuttered, “We-we’re fine. Why do you ask?”

Yifan had a knowing look in his face. “Am I such a bad King to not have a care on my own brother’s life?”

“It’s not that, Yifan. I’m just taking things slow.”

“You live in the court, Sehun. What are the connections for?” Yifan laughed. “What do you need? I’ll help you.”

“No, Yifan. Just let me do it my way. But thank you for your concern. If there is anything that I would need help, I will count on you.”

“Suit yourself, dear brother. Just tell me when.” Yifan looked proud at the masculinity his brother exuded. He no longer was the adamant little child who gets his way by being childish. He guesses the court strengthened his core and toughened his soul and finds himself taking pity on the nineteen year old.

Sehun looked grateful as he grinned, “Tonight.”

It had been a while before the Queen calmed down and asked to be left alone. Baekhyun wanted fresh air and so he planned to take a walk in the lakeside despite the winter air. The sun is up and he is thankful for the hope it brings in his heart. It took only a few steps away from the castle’s gates that he opted to go back in the comforts of his room, explaining that the season is too cold for someone to go out of the castle’s warmth. He suddenly remembered he didn’t need to explain, seeing as his King wasn’t by his side. Once more.

He sits by his working table and sifts through the letters waiting to be answered.

As the ladies made their way towards the banquet hall, worries and exasperated expressions were visibly etched in their faces that the servants quickly moved away from their path. Giving the Queen some time seemed like the most rational idea for him to be alone with his thoughts, yet the three ladies seemed it was such a bad move. As they rounded up the corner, whispers were evident and Lu Han seeming to can’t take the servants disrespectful behavior observes the mini circle of servants in one corner. He quickly made his way to the said circle and cleared his throat. “I am aware that we are preparing for the feast happening in less than four hours, am I not correct?

The servants quickly bowed down. “Yes, Milady. Forgive us.”

Lu Han shook his head and muttered, “Is it me or servants nowadays enjoy gossips lurking in every corner of this castle?”

Jongdae went near him and whispered, “Lu Han, stop taking your anger out on the servants. Why are you even mad?”

“I’m not mad. I’m just really, really upset with what’s happening to Baekhyun right now.” Lu Han said as they resumed walking towards the hall.

“Well, who isn't concerned? And I’m starving. We haven’t even had lunch. I think the Queen hadn’t eaten yet. We should ask one of the servants to give him food, at least some chicken broth or herbed bread.” Jongdae mused. Zitao nodded as he kept silent.

“Yes, we should.” He called one servant and instructed to give the Queen food in his quarters. Watching the servant walk away, he leaned back as he whispered, “We might as well just let him be. He knows we’ll always be by his side no matter what so all we need to do is support him, right?” Lu Han said as he focused on the task at hand. He desperately wanted to believe Baekhyun will come to them but he knows that he is one stubborn man and he will never ask anyone else for help.

The hall looks lovely and alive as vases filled with chrysanthemums were placed in each table, lit candles accompanying the vases and silverware neatly placed on each. The tapestries were changed from an elegant royal red with gold stitchings and linings to a midnight blue with silver linings. The crystal chandelier was polished once again with new candles to support the lighting for the entire hall. The banquet table has been filled with food to be served by maids at a later time.

“What else seems to be missing? Am I forgetting something? The candles are perched right up there, same as the lamps on the sides, the flowers are neatly placed, vases are good. Oh! The wine!” Lu Han looked around for a nearby servant.

“Lu Han, would you please stop checking things out! For the last time, everything is already set. Well, except for the wine.” Zitao sighed.

Lu Han lost all his patience and cleared his throat, “Will anyone, please, inform me of our wine for the night? I do not want to serve a faux. Our guests are important people, not important as our King and Queen of course. I don’t want them to think that we do not value allies.”

One servant scurried towards the ladies and showed them a bottle of one of the most delicious and famous aged wine in all of France, the Château Mont-Redon and Lu Han furrowed his eyebrows as if to contemplate whether to serve this one or another one with equal quality.

“Lu Han, it’s just wine. Let them serve the Château Mont-Redon.”

“Are you sure about this? Zitao, tonight is crucial especially with the current happenings in the country. I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want to fail our Queen.” Lu Han handed the wine back to the servant and sighed. “Alright, serve this Château later. Do we have enough barrels for tonight?”

The servant nodded and Lu Han made a sign of acknowledgement as he dismissed the servant and looked back to his fellow ladies. “I think everything is set. We must now find dresses for tonight.”

Jongdae groaned, “Finally! The highlight of my day, fitting gowns. I was told that our dresses from Paris have arrived in Court. We must be quick so we could help Baekhyun find a suitable wardrobe.” The other two nodded.

Baekhyun recalled the earlier’s exchanges and he felt bad. If I don’t push him away, he would be the one to hurt me again and I cannot risk that. It has only been recent that I feel like my heart is whole again and I cannot take it if it once again shatters. Forgive me, Yifan. I love you but this love has already hurt us both and I can’t ever forgive myself if something ever happens to you.

A knock on the door startled him. “Yes?”

His guard went in announcing the arrival of their wardrobe for tonight’s feast. “Your Majesty, your clothes from Paris have arrived. Lady Jongdae, Lady Lu Han and Lady Zitao are already in the clothing room.”

“Is that so? Alright. Thank you. I will be going then.” The Queen meekly replied. As soon as he was about to follow the guard, the three ladies all arrived looking dashing in the gowns they picked themselves. On their hands are several dresses for the Queen to pick.

“We brought your clothes, Your Majesty!” Zitao grinned as he raised his hands a bit and showed the garments he is holding. The other two showed theirs as well.

“We brought a lot of clothes, Baek, because we were at a disagreement on what you would wear for tonight’s feast.” Lu Han eyed Zitao as the other gave an impish grin.

Baekhyun smiled as he took the dress from Lu Han’s hands and examined the emerald green velvet dress, golden embroidery of leaves on the sleeves’ hem, its neckline and on its waist. He marvelled at the sight of the luscious green it gave off yet Jongdae’s pale silver silk dress with a black sash to tie around the waist is also eye-catching. On Zitao’s hands lay an off-white dress with gold leafy stitchings around the neckline flowing towards the chest area and golden small vines littered the hem of the dress. His ladies know his taste and he greatly feels disturbed on having to choose from what they brought.

“Oh you sure do know me so well, Lu Han. I love all these dresses!” He gushed on the fabrics as he smiled at each and one of his ladies. “ I absolutely adore the colors on each and I just want to wear them all.”

“We know you like these and that’s the reason why we couldn’t agree on what to choose for you.” Jongdae smiled.

Baekhyun wanted to prepare his best on this night. A part of him feels that there is something magical that is about to happen tonight and he wants to accept whatever it is openly. He banks on the idea of wearing the green velvet dress yet he is certain that Yifan wouldn’t wear anything green.

Jongdae sensed that Baekhyun feels heavily disoriented. It might be because of what happened earlier in the day, but his gut tells him otherwise. “What is it, my Queen?”

“It’s nothing. Do not worry, my lady. And, I want to wear this,” pointing on Zitao’s hands, “yet it feels inappropriate for this season. It feels like it’s my wedding again if I do.” Baekhyun laughed.

“See? What did I tell you, Zitao?” Lu Han smirked.

“Yes, Your Majesty. It does seem inappropriate to wear for tonight’s feast.” Zitao softly muttered.

“Don’t feel disheartened, Zitao. I will wear this when the time is right. For now, I would like to wear this, if it is alright with you.” Baekhyun motioned for the dress and the three ladies nodded in agreement.

“It’s perfect, Your Majesty.” Jongdae smiled. Yet despite his polite response, he is disturbed on the Queen’s behavior. He acts as if nothing has happened, like it was just another day in the life at the Court. As if Yifan siding with his mother once more is totally normal.

As soon as the ladies were busy helping Baekhyun prepare for the feast, Jongdae  quietly slipped out of his chamber and walked towards the other end of the hall. He sees two guards standing in front of the chamber and asked to be announced.

The guards turned around to knock on the door, “Your Grace, Lady Jongdae wishes an audience with you.”

As soon as the guard made way for Jongdae to enter, he feigned shock on the King’s attire for the night. Noticing that Jongdae hasn’t spoken a word, Yifan looked at him and cleared his throat.

“Forgive me, Your Grace. I was too stunned to greet you.”

“Finding myself too dashing, I presume?” Yifan kids.

Jongdae laughed a little, and decides to humour the King. “It would seem so, Yifan.”

Yifan laughs. He stops a little to notice the gap between him and Jongdae. He feels unwanted yet familiar with Jongdae’s presence that he easily identifies it as just him being the Queen’s lady and so close with the Queen himself. “What is it you wish to see me about?”

“I know it is not my business and I am very much aware of that, but Yifan, how are you?”

“I am quite fine, Jongdae. What seems to be the problem?” Yifan evades the question.

“I meant, how are you?” Jongdae stepped forward. “I am asking this not because you are my King but because you are also my friend.” Jongdae sighed. “This has been going on for months. I am too distressed for the two of you.”

Yifan looks away and decides to entertain Jongdae’s curiosity. “I know, but overtime I try to reach out to him, he pushes me away. I cannot help but think this is punishment for me trying to push him away. I deeply regret that. I just wish you all knew how hard it was for me. I just wish he knew.”

Jongdae looked on the sad profile of the King before him. He sees a very different façade, one he didn’t think the King would even have. “I completely understand, but please find it in your heart to understand Baekhyun as well. Both of you have been in immense pain and I think he just needs a little bit more time to let him come to terms with himself. I have been with him ever since that day and I assure you, he has not even forgiven himself yet. He trusts you, Yifan. He did. But now, I’m not so sure.” Jongdae looks away as he bit his lip, saying too much already. He trusts his mouth to speak the honest truth despite the ultimate idea of secrecy.

Yifan looks at Jongdae’s back and mutters, “What should I do then? I can’t express my feelings very well and I’m sure Baekhyun knows that.”

“Just try to be there for him, let him feel that even if he has been drifting away from you, you will always be with him. Let him trust you once more, Yifan. Be the Yifan we once knew.”

And Yifan had a little inkling in his heart on what he should do.

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